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Hollystone Manor is a historic estate, with great potential for use, however is currently rundown and in desperate need of rehabilitation. It’s new owner is prepared to deliver this restoration, and transition it into a Boutique Inn, The Hopewell, offering unique amenities that appeal to locals and visitors. The plan offers spaces for yoga, spa treatments, a pool, small-scale dining and bar, lounging and guest rooms, all within the existing structures.


As a community, many of us have seen “stop the hotel” signs, which are based on false assumptions that this is a “massive hotel expansion,” which is not the intention at all. As members of Hopewell Valley, we encourage you to consider understanding the full scope of the proposal, and not be mislead.


Currently, Board members are in the process of approving a usage variance, to allow the Manor to become restored for use. The new owner has emphasized her dedication to create quiet experiential offerings. Expert analysis has suggested there would be minor impact on local traffic. The architect’s schematic demonstrated the intent to preserve as much of the original architecture as possible, while cooperating with fire and safety codes. The new owner is committed to the restoration and adaptive reuse of this historic farmstead, preserving it for future generations, and keeping in line with the 2002 Master Plan, which among it’s main objectives is “to encourage the preservation, rehabilitation or adaptive reuse of historical buildings and structures that protects their architectural integrity and preserves their context within the historic landscape.”


The proposal will NOT:

- be a huge expansion

- be a massive hotel

- significantly impact traffic, neighbors or wildlife


The proposal WILL:

- be a private sanctuary to enjoy nature

- pay homage to the history of the building

- provide unique amenities, with opportunities to share local talents and flavors

As community members, we invite you to share in support. We are grateful that a new owner has stepped up, with a delicate plan for restoration and deserves the usage variance being sought.

*images displayed are for inspiration reference only

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